Hey there!

I'm Florian Reuschel, a full stack web developer from Germany.

Playing with all things web is my passion — HTML/CSS, PHP and especially JavaScript in all its variations, which is what I'm doing full-time at OWNBIT, a small dev shop in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. In my free time, I enjoy creating and contributing to open source software.

Here are some of the things I created:

Portrait Florian Reuschel


compile Sass in the browser

sassed is a simple code editor PWA compiling Sass code on the web. You can think of it as a version of the popular Sassmeister stripped down to the absolute essentials.

sassed also ships the Sass compiler as a whole to the browser, making the compilation process completely independent of the user's internet connection, so it can be installed and used offline.

Screenshot of the sassed app with some SCSS code on the left and the compiled CSS code on the right

PHP Arena

run PHP in the browser

PHP Arena is a tiny playground for tinkering with PHP code snippets. Other than most similar sites, it ships the whole PHP interpreter to the browser, making the execution very fast and also completely independent of the user's internet connection, so the app can be installed and used offline.

Screenshot of the PHP Arena app with some PHP code on the left and the evaluated output on the right

Auto-Group Tabs

Group tabs in your Chrome browser by URL

In version 85, the Google Chrome browser introduced tab groups — the ability to aggregate tabs in a collapsible group, marked with a color and an (optional) title. However, assigning tabs to groups manually can be a tedious process, especially for recurring visits to the same sites.

That's where the Auto-Group Tabs extension steps in: It allows configuring tab groups by assigning them a set of match patterns, automatically grouping according tabs.

Two screenshots, one showing the settings screen of the Auto-Group Tabs extension with various groups configured, the other showing a browser tab bar with tabs assigned to those groups.

JS to PHP data

convert simple JS structures to PHP

As a full stack developer, it happens quite regularly that you have to convert between JavaScript/JSON and a server-side language-specific data format. PHP is one such language, and converting to it is quite tedious.

This PWA steps into that gap and allows for easy conversion of JS data to nicely formatted PHP.

Screenshot of the demo JS to PHP data conversion website

Snazzy Light

a vivid light VS Code color theme

Snazzy Light is a vivid light color theme for Visual Studio Code. Its colors are based on Sindre Sorhus' hyper‑snazzy, adapted to a light background.

Besides looking decent, the main goal of this theme is to show clear and distinct colors under bright ambient light conditions.

Screenshot of a code file in the Visual Studio Code editor with the Snazzy Light theme applied

Prettier PHP Playground

a playground PWA for the official Prettier PHP plugin

I'm one of the maintainers of Prettier's official PHP plugin. To speed up development and simplify issue reporting, I developed a Vue-based clone of Prettier's official playground — with some improvements like full offline support, responsive design and PWA installability.

Screenshot of the playground website


the privacy-focused online text diffing tool

Diffr is a PWA for comparing text files. It was created out of dissatisfaction with existing diffing tools (and a certain amount of paranoia because virtually every diffing tool has to send your data to their server to compare). In Diffr, all the work happens locally and your data never leaves the browser.

Screenshot of the Diffr app, comparing two similar translations of John 1:12


a syntax highlighter for the Terminal, written in PHP

Screenshot of the Lowlight.php source code, highlighted with Lowlight


a single-user private Composer repository

Faction is a Composer repository generator based on Satis and Laravel, designed to be paired with a single GitHub user or organization. It offers a sleek, high-performance web interface, an endpoint for organization-wide webhooks and several layers of organization-related access control.

Screenshot of a list of packages in the Faction app


a click-to-fullscreen blackscreen PWA

Blackscreen is a quick and easy way to temporarily "disable" one screen in a multi-monitor setup, without actually turning it off. This can be useful to focus on only one screen at a time.

Screenshot the Blackscreen app running in a browser window